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  • How could I fit my entire music library on my Android device?
  • What is the best Android Music Streamer (MP3, FLAC) from Home PC?
  • I am tired creating playlists. Could I have dynamic playlists generator?
  • I have hundreds of thousands of songs and want to have access to any of them anytime and anywhere?
  • How I can stream or play audio files, which are not supported by my mobile device, such as FLAC, APE, WavPack, or even CUE sheets?
  • My Internet Service Provider does not allow me to run any Servers. How could I stream music from my computer in that case?
  • Audiogalaxy is gone. What is the best alternative to stream my MP3 files for Android?

HomeDJ provides a solution to help you answer all these questions and even MORE!


The Wall Create Mix Playlists Player
HomeDJ is a secure music streamer for any Android device. You can access your music library stored on your home computer or NAS from anywhere in the world using your Android device.

HomeDJ Streaming platform will provide for you:
  • Best quality music streaming from your Home network to your Android device over WiFi or Mobile connection to anywhere you are;
  • Stream DRM-free files, such as MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE, MPC, WavPack, M4P, AAC and more. CUE Sheet is also supported;
  • Easy to configure - no firewall configuration is required;
  • Lossless streaming capabilities, such as FLAC files;
  • Playlist synchronization between multiple devices as well as storing playlists on your home computer in M3U and WPL formats;
  • Dynamic Playlist Generator. Enjoy endless dynamic auto growing playlists generated based on or similar to an Artist, Album, or a single song you picked or listening. Just pick a song you want and select "Create Mix". HomeDJ will do the rest and will keep adding songs to the MIX similar to one you picked or the one just played.
  • One library - multiple users - support for multiple users to access single music collection. Each user can be added using self-registration process;
  • Best technical support - no users left behind;
  • Ongoing development with new features added on monthly basis;

HomeDJ can handle large music libraries with millions of songs.

To make your device to stream any type of music file, HomeDJ will convert these formats into your device compatible format, such as MP3, OGG, or even FLAC. If you have Disk Images with CUE sheets, HomeDJ will automatically use CUE sheets to extract song from Disk image on a fly, so you do not have to split it every time you create or buy a disk image with CUE sheet.

You can adjust sound quality to fit the bandwidth of your network. Better quality, more data will be streamed, faster bandwidth you would need. Lower quality if bandwidth is very slow, such as 2G network, or you have mobile data plan, which has strict limit on amount of data you can use. Usually lowering quality might not be very noticeable, especially if you decide to stream in OGG format.


HomeDJ streaming platform contains 2 parts:
  1. HomeDJ Player - the actual player, which downloads audio files from your home computer and plays these files on your mobile device. Currently only Android player is implemented. You can download it from Android Market;

  2. HomeDJ Streaming Server - Software installed on your home computer, which provides connection for your mobile device for accessing your audio files. Currently only Windows Operating System is supported;

    No firewall configuration is required.

Download HomeDJ Desktop Streaming Server here.

To make access to your library secured, you would have to create user name and password once you install HomeDJ Streaming Server on your home computer. Registration information will help HomeDJ installed on your Android device locate your computer on Internet.


HomeDJ Free and Paid version of Android app are available from these stores:

Free Versions are available on these Markets
Get it on Google Play Opera Mobile Store Get it on Amazon AppStore
Paid Versions are available on these Markets
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All components of HomeDJ Streaming platform are developed by the VORLAN Group, Inc. located in Feasterville, Pennsylvania USA.

If you have any issues with HomeDJ, questions, suggestion, or just want to say "thanks", please do not hesitate to contact HomeDJ Support or please use HomeDJ Forum.

We would appreciate your positive HomeDJ ratings and comments, as well as we would like to hear about any issues with HomeDJ, so we can continue to improve it.