Ask yourself:

  • Do you have music collection, which you cannot fit on mobile device? 
  • How to stream music (MP3, FLAC) to your Android device from your Home PC? 
  • Are you tired spending time creating playlists? 
  • Do you have hundreds or thousands of songs and want to have access to any of them anytime and anywhere? 
  • Do you have audio files, which are not supported by your mobile device, such as FLAC, APE, WavPack?

HomeDJ provides a solution to help you answer all these questions!


HomeDJ Streaming platform is designed for:

  • Best quality music streaming from your Home network to your Android device;
  • Easy to configure - no firewall required;
  • Lossless streaming capabilites;
  • All music DRM-free file types supported;
  • Pandora-like radio feature called - MIX;
  • Active technical support - no users left behind;
  • Ongoing development with new features added on monthly basis;

HomeDJ platform contains 2 parts:

  1. HomeDJ Player - the actual player, which downloads audio files from your home computer and plays these files on your mobile device. Currently only Android player is implemented. You can download it from Android Market; 
  2. HomeDJ Server - Software installed on your home computer, which provides connection to your mobile device for accessing your audio files. Currently only Windows Operating System is supported; No firewall configuration required. But it also supports connectivity mode with firewall configuration. If you still want to configure firewall connectivity mode, please visit for a guide on how to configure firewall ports.

HomeDJ platform is designed to handle any type of music files, including support for CUE files. Enjoy endless dynamic autogrowing playlists generation based on Artist, Album, or a single song.